The Project: Aloha Carbon Hawaiʻi

Aloha Carbon is a globally focused small business addressing local waste problems. Each year, 560 million tons of C&D are landfilled in the U.S. This is more than twice as much as municipal solid waste generated annually. While these C&D materials can sometimes be difficult to re-use, Aloha Carbon specializes in making use of these materials possible.  As a company, we perform community-informed bioenergy projects; which means we genuinely want to hear from you. Visit our Get Involved page and complete our survey to share your input. 

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From the COmmunity

“Just want to say WOW! …  I welcome your project to the community.   It’s marvelous. Thank you !”

Kioni Dudley, Kapolei Neighborhood Board Member

January 2022



“Just want to mahalo [thank] you … for trying to make things better.  I’m 100% with you that your project would make a huge difference to the way we handle waste on island.”

Makana Paris, Kapolei Neighborhood Board Chair

January 2022

C&D waste

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Our technology


Landfill diversion



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Greenhouse gas lifecycle 


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Green jobs

The bioeconomy sector is growing in the U.S. and Aloha Carbon is a part of that! Bioeconomy growth improves U.S. energy security, addresses environmental challenges, and creates new industries and employment opportunities for local communities.