Frequently Asked Questions

Communication is Key

We at Simonpietri Enterprises understand that there is often concern when a new project is proposed.  We pride ourselves on our consistency in communicating with the public and providing information when possible to offer a greater understanding of our projects.  Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received.



How do air emissions for this project compare to others?

This project will be using gasification technology.  Gasification is an air-starved process that produces 60-90% lower emissions of NOx, SOx, PM, VOC, & CO2 than compared to the emissions produced from burning the same type of waste.


How safe is the waste ash from this process?

In multiple tests, all ash has passed the EPA’s Toxic Characteristics Leaching Protocol (TCLP) for all pollutants. SEL’s patent-pending techniques immobilize heavy metals.


Is this the same as incineration?

No.  Gasification is an air-starved process (meaning there is less oxygen involved) that takes place in an enclosed system. It is not same as burning waste, which requires high air flow for oxygen to fuel the combustion of the organic material.


What kind of impact will this have on water resources?

When it comes to the gasification system, we will be utilizing recycled wastewater or brackish water for daily operations. We estimate using approximately <10K gal/day, which be recycled as well.


How are we funded?

Our funding has come primarily from competitive federal grants awarded by the US Department of Energy, EPA & USDA; and other private investors.  At this time, we do not anticipate any state or city/county funds to be utilized.

March 2024